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Welcome to the holonet,  a community dedicated to Star Wars,  weekly activities, quotes, images and so much more. , please join the community to see our entries..

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f o l l o w . t h e m.

» [1].   All entries here at the
the holonet will be locked. you must join  and be accepted to see the entries.
»[2].  Weekly graphic posts will go up.  To keep the community clean.
»[3].  No re-posting anything from the community outside, for example, songs/albums/ HQ images/ ebooks. If caught banned.
» [4]. 
Stating your  opinion is never wrong, but please be respectful about it. No bashing, or you will be banned.
» [5].  any questions, feel free to page-a-mod and we'll be more then happy to help out.

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